Poet, essayist , writer and spiritual thinker

Poeta, ensayista, escritor y

pensador espiritual



 Pietro Grieco ©2011

… a glance
and you are drown

First Day of the year   pdf
Pietro Grieco ©2011

To begin with the tabula rasa:
we start on the year sweeping
our living room as if all the residues
and fireworks’ ashes of the of the globe ...(open pdf)

At Thirty Three Thousand Feetpdf

         ©Pietro Grieco

   Some kilometers under
      abandoning the night...(open pdf)

Birth home in Fuente Vaquerospdf
Pietro Grieco ©2010

The entrance of the house was guarded
By two blue orange trees with their ancient
Oriental scent expanded in Spain by the Moors...(open pdf)

Café Aroma  pdf
   Pietro Grieco © 2006

            Sweet born the tremolo
            from a wooden guitar
            Flying with the birds
among  faithful tall pines...(open pdf)

The end of the world pdf
Pietro Grieco© 2005

 Golden letters engraved in wood
tell travelers they have reached
the end of the Pan-American Highway...(open pdf)

Chapel in the eucalyptus woodspdf

Pietro Grieco @ 2005

Throughout my eucalyptus woods
countless nights, tornados, seasons
and years I never knew went away...(open pdf)


       Meditation gardens under the rainpdf
    Pietro Grieco  © 2005

Visit every spot
Smell every plant
Enjoy every flower
Play with gentle carps...(open pdf)

           It is a blessing pdf
           Pietro Grieco © 2005

It is a blessing
To turn back and see the steps that brought you here.

It is a blessing...(open pdf)

Brief Poemspdf
Pietro Grieco © 2004

I grab the air of the path
it will be my remembrance of this globe...(open pdf)

The old Buenos Aires’ shoeshine Man  pdf
Pietro Grieco © 2005

When he shines shoes
speaks and gestures watermarks in the air
it is habitual that his hands ...(open pdf)



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