Poeta, ensayista, escritor y pensador espiritual

Poet, essayist , writer and spiritual thinker.








To support journeys of discovery for spiritual seekers, enrich humanity's spiritual emergence, and nurture the harmony and happiness of all living beings

To be a Spiritual Thinker is not innocuous. It means to carry to the world a new light with which to illuminate past, present and future. The Spiritual Thinker brings the discernment that spreads the blessing oil to calm the storms; and demonstrates through meditation, prayer and non-violence the soft enduring power to remove conflicts.


Dear friends:

March 3rd at my  home in Encinitas. We went over the happenings at the “Black Lives Matter” meeting. We tried to summarize our take away feeling. It was that of course All Lives Matter but one segment of our society is suffering and crying out for help and compassion. We talked of the videos we saw and felt were the data of the happenings that are so wrong. In the end it is all due to how we perceive the relationships with other races. If we can be open and see the other person’s need we can help stop senseless harm being done. To get to the place where we can understand others better we must live it with them till we know them as they really are.  If we want to we will!

Maureen brought a wonderful book to our attention! It is "The Warmth of Other Suns". It is a long story of the migration of Blacks from the /southern to northern and western states. It began during the First World War and continued till the 1970s. More than a  Million people slowly changed their lives. It wasn't even reported in many papers and if it was, only in small articles. I'm going to suggest we read it and get together to discuss these events that changed their lives and the life in all the cities they moved into. There is so much we don't know about how changes occur. If we can help remove the preconceived beliefs that have no basis in facts, we can help heal hatred. 

Our other conversations were about accepting all people as equal under our laws. They need to feel they are worth and deserve life without discrimination. We are not sure where we are being lead, perhaps to other groups we might find who are doing a good job of being open to all people. We will meet at Rita’s next month to discuss any and all possibilities. Please come and meet together at least this one time. A day and time will be announced after Gudrun is home to send out the emails.We will keep in touch. 



Report : March 2015

SEMINARS led by Pietro


Seminar topics: 1) Spiritual Healing 2) Spiritual Healing
3) Love is the Energy of Life


We enjoyed the Atmosphere of Lake San Marcos and the depth of Pietro's lectures. We renewed our strengh and faith in our Inner Spiritual Being as a Source of our health, love, and harmony.




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